Wall of Denial have been wowing audience's around the Midwest with their Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan since 2011. Initially, the band started out playing blues standards at parties and clubs, but it was their delivery of the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan that kept pulling the fans in asking for more. It's no surprise. Lead singer/guitar slinger Gary Stratton had been honing his SRV chops for over 20 years, delivering the goods and special nuances that takes the listener right back to the first time they heard these songs and immediately makes you crave for more. It's one thing to have the musical chops to play this music. It's another to combine that with vocals that make your ears do a double take!

Stevie had "Double Trouble" for his rhythm section and Wall of Denial have "The Tom Tom Club". Tom Hamning on bass laying the foundation and Tom Cassady on drums creating the pocket for these songs to really take flight. Bill LeClair on keyboards weaves organ and piano and rounds out the quartet musically adding a touch of Jerry Lee Lewis/Reese Wynans (maybe a little Johnny Carson?) to keep things rolling along to deliver an experience everyone enjoys. Every show has fans new and old saying the same thing. "I close my eyes and I swear, I'm listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan."

Get your air guitar ready because there's something for everybody at a Wall of Denial show.

Listen for yourself to see why "Wall of Denial" is Chicago's Premier Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute!



















                        GARY STRATTON

                         Vocals & Guitar



                       Tom Hamning

                         Bass Guitar







Tom Cassady


      Chicago's Premier Tribute to